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Be a co-sponsor of the Resolution

Be a co-sponsor of the Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont Resolution here.

Send a message to your state representative

It's easy! 

You don't even need to know your legislator's name. Just call (802) 828 -2228. All you have to say is "I'd like to ask my legislator to vote for the Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont Resolution." They'll ask where you live, figure out who your legislator is, and send the message. 

Your state government at work. Kind of nice.

E-mail your state representative

Here's how to look up their information

1. Visit the Vermont legislature website at

2. Click the Legislator tab on the green "Search for" menu.

3. Type the name of your town in the search bar and hit the search button. 

4. Click on House representative for email information.

Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper

A letter to the Editor is a great way to advocate for keeping Vermont nuclear bomber free. 

Share our petition with your friends and family

Share our petition with friends and family. We invite every concerned citizen to join us in saying NO to nuclear proliferation in Vermont. 

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