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The horrific war in Ukraine proves that possessing thousands of nuclear weapons cannot stop a war in Europe, and actually prevents NATO from defending Ukraine. Yet even as they are of no value in this or any other crisis, over 13,000 nuclear warheads in the hands of nine countries threaten us with extinction. 

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“The United States is… incorporating nuclear capability on the F-35.”

                                             --Dept of Defense, Nuclear Posture Review, Feb 2018

That is the weapon that thousands of Vermonters hear thundering overhead hundreds of times a month. It’s part of the Pentagon’s plan to build a whole new generation of Nuclear Weapons. 


The single Hiroshima bomb killed 140,000 people. The world's arsenals of over 13,000 nuclear weapons can destroy the world several times over. Now they want to build new ones that are more useable. 


  • We refuse to participate in this insanity.


  • We refuse to house any part of a nuclear weapons system in Vermont.


  • We refuse to kill civilians and destroy whole cities with these weapons of mass destruction.


  • And, we don’t want to be destroyed ourselves.


Vermont played a major role in the Nuclear Freeze movement in the 1980s, an international grassroots movement that prompted Russia and the U.S. to create treaties that led to the elimination of 80% of the world's nuclear weapons. 

In 2019, Vermonters inspired the state Senate to pass S.R.5, a resolution opposing the basing of any nuclear weapons delivery system in the state. 

The companion bill in the House is J.R.H.7, currently resting in the House committee for General, Housing, and Military Affairs. We want that committee to hold a public hearing to move it to the floor where our representatives can join our forebearers and pass it on to posterity, that 

Vermonters want no part of preparations for nuclear war. 



The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons starts in Vermont.

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Citizens Against Nuclear

Bombers in Vermont

Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in Vermont is a citizen-led campaign to reject basing nuclear-capable bombers in Vermont as part of a new nuclear arms race.



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